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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crazy talk.

A week ago, I drove my friend to the airport for his flight to Chicago and just yesterday, I picked up my cousin returning from Hong Kong.

It was no trouble at all as I'm always up for a drive if it's really late at night or early in the morning (significantly less traffic). I also find terminal ramps to be pretty fun and windy.

On our way back, my cousin began to mention an actor/musician from Hong Kong named Aaron Kwok who's supposedly a huge car guy. Aaron loves his sports cars so much that he's bought a climate controlled hangar in mainland China so that he could store them right by an airstrip, where he'll spend his weekends driving them without restraint. That is pretty boss.

Two weeks ago, I saw Jay Leno's special video posted on YouTube. He maps out a circuit of road in Los Angeles centered around Mulholland Drive in the new AMG designed SLS sports car. You guys can check it out at the end of the blog. Seriously great stuff!

Well, this all got me thinking of the possibilities if Aaron's airstrip and Jay's Mulholland Dr. ideas were to come together.

Ladies and Gentleman, behold::

to zoom, give the image a click^

A circuit approximately 3.5 to 4 miles long. Sure, it can probably use some improvements, but I'd be having the time of my life if someone were to close off that bit of road for a day and hand me the keys to a Porsche! I know, crazy talk...

-Danny Choy-

... but one can dream.

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