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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The World's Oldest Race-- Isle of Man TT

An island in the UK, the Isle of Man held its first TT in 1904 and was initially an automobile time trial event.

Now, FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) annually holds the Isle of Man TT as the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world. This year's Superbike TT is being held this very weekend but leave it to SpeedTV channel to rather show NASCAR practice than something this majestic. But fear not because this is why we're here! Flappy Paddle Heads takes care of its visitors.

Motorcycle Pr0n! (for best results, watch in 480p)

"... Starting at the town of Douglas on the south-east coast, the course takes a wide sweep to the west and north to enter the town of Ramsey on the north-east coast and thence return to the starting point, each lap measuring 37 3/4 miles (60.7 km) and taking in over 200 bends while climbing from sea level to an altitude of over 1,300 ft (396 m). This circuit is the epitome of the natural road course, all the roads used being ordinary public highways closed for the racing and practice sessions." - Oxford Companion to World Sports and Games

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  1. There are replays of it on HD theatre a lot