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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Big BP "What If" That Everyone Should Be Thinking About.

Although BP has been saying that things are progressing (hopefully), the bottom line is that there are still ridiculous amounts of fuel in the Gulf.

This is what "Bobber," a concerned, soon-to-be mother had to say:

A bit drastic... but valid point. Maybe not everyone takes the things found on Yahoo! Answers seriously, but believe it or not, this was not where I first encountered a person that voiced this concern!

The other day while I was on campus, I overheard a bunch of guys hypothesizing a similar theory. But instead of describing the details of the conversation in words, I've chosen to draw a highly accurate and scientifically correct painting using MS Paint.

In a nutshell, the BP oil spill doesn't get cleaned up in time to avoid a tropical hurricane, which sends oil up its vortex, then gets struck by lightning in a terrible thunderstorm, igniting itself on fire.

Now I love my Planet Earth and all the creatures that inhabit it as much as the next person, but couldn't we all agree that it would be awesome if the "fire hurricane" lasted for, say, at least 2 seconds just so that someone can snap a good picture of it?

If the oil can't be used to propel our cars around, at least we'd all have awesome desktop wallpapers.

Smile! I hope this ridiculous post made your Friday.

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