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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My first time. And it's with a 458 Italia!!

In a word, privileged...

I can't believe it took me twenty three and a half years. I was timid, my ears glowed scarlet. My skin was clammy and there was so much blood pumping through my body that even my fingers were throbbing.

Standing at Park Ave. between 54 & 55, I'm about to experience my first time inside a Ferrari. Honestly, I thought that my first experience would be something more pedestrian. A 360 Modena perhaps, or sadly, a Mondial. But the newest model of the line-up? The most important car made by Ferrari since... well, the F430? Dare I??

Emotional as I was, the experience was very sterile. Obviously, no test drives. Unlike Lionel Richie, I did not have any number the dealer could call that would verify that I could in fact buy this car. No photos allowed either. And when you finally sit in the car, all eyes are on you. Literally. The security at the door has his arms crossed, eyes locked.

Whatever. At that moment, I felt like a new man! At a base price of $225,000, the Ferrari is quite obviously incomparable to anything I've previously sat in. Not that I prefer a comparison, it's perhaps even worse if a comparison would unintentionally form any sort of pretense. I just want to appreciate it for what it is.

One moment I would be admiring the finish of the Manettino dial, the next I would think, "Oh my God, seven time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher had a hand in this car's development." My mind is numbed of any external thought or sensation. My senses completely overloaded.

But best of all? When my friend Afrina later tells me, "Danny, you have to get it. You look way too good in one not to."

Pay me no mind. I think I will be busy staring off into space with a goofy smile on my face for at least the next two weeks minimum...

No photos allowed. Needless to say though, when I walked out of the showroom, safely away from Ferrari
jurisdiction, I whipped out my camera phone.
Gorgeous, magnificent, etc.

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