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Friday, October 29, 2010

Gentle, dignified, debonair, and did I mention very English?

There are some cars that try to win you over by shamelessly calling for your attention, their outrageous ducts and wings sprout from their body panels like peacock feathers. Their aggressive downshifts and throttle blips are attention grabbing equivalents to a crazy chick rubbing her bewbs in your face.

But there's another sort of car. You catch photos of an obscure model here and there through your years of car obsessed automotive magazine browsing, but somehow you fail to remember what its called or where it came from. This would be more akin to that gorgeous brunette that you sometimes see on your train to work, or bump into as she leaves the neighborhood bookstore. Tragically, you never got a chance to be properly introduced.

What's more, it's usually the latter that keeps you up at night.
But luckily, we've found her again. And here she is:
Now, if only I could find my tweed sport coat and driving gloves...

1958 MGA Roadster

 Here's an in-car video impression:

For more information on this particular 1958 MGA Roadster, go here.
The car is now available in Kokomo, Indiana for $18k.

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