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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Freak of the Week: Truck Fitter, Aston Martin. Aston Martin, Truck Fitter.

Meet FotW #19, Guy Martin, 28 year old truck mechanic. This is the cold "office" from which he travels to and from in a Ford Transit van, ideal in handling the decrepit roads of the truck yard six days a week. Those are his goggles propped on his mucky hair, that's his name on the breast pocket of his overalls, and these are his tools held between his greasy hands. Martin does not have a pension plan, has nothing in savings, and doesn't have a mortgage either because he never bothered to own a home. He lives in the home of his girlfriend's parents.

But what Martin DOES own... is this--

The question is why on earth would a 28 year old truck fitter who doesn't even have a proper garage, let alone a house, decide to own a brand new $180,000 Aston Martin V12 Vantage?

And here lies the bombshell. No, Guy Martin doesn't have terminal cancer or only a few months to live but when Martin isn't working on trucks, he is a British motorcycle racer who excels in trial races, the most famous being the Isle of Man TT. Since 2004, he has earned eight podiums and is also sponsored by Italian leathers Dainese.

Guy Martin defends his choice with an explanation, 
"There are times when I’m racing that I’ve thought, 'This is it', but when you survive you’re left with a feeling like nothing else. It’s a buzz you can’t describe. And I’m chasing that buzz all the time. I love risking my life, but to get the buzz on a bike on public roads [when they’re not closed for racing] I’d need to be doing 180mph. You can’t, and I wouldn’t want to. The Aston isn’t everyday transport. It’s for a mad half-hour every now and then. And it’s also forever. I don’t think I’ll ever sell it..."
Before you decide whether or not you could agree with that comment, remember the old saying, "Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes." However, if you do choose to walk that mile, and walk right up to the moment of the grand Aston purchase, you'll likely face the sad realization that all examples of the limited run V12 Vantages have already been accounted for. C'est la vie!

Happy weekend, everybody!!

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