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Monday, March 1, 2010

A thank you to the visitors!

Lately, I've been trying various things to increase visitors that would frequent our site. After a little more than a week on Twitter, we've gained a humble number of followers and we thank you all for your support and we promise to write more relevant and engaging material.

Upon creating Flappy Paddle Heads, Danny Chin and I were aware of Autoblog, Jalopnik, Inside Line, Autoweek, and numerous other online sources. We understood visitors that would frequent our site are no doubt regulars at those sites as well. To differentiate us from them, it would be meaningless for us to provide the most up to date in news. We don't have the resources to do so and the other sites I just named will be sure to deliver that to you anyway.

Instead, we decided that our site is one that offers readers "perspective." We offer the Flappy Head personal touch. The challenge in all of this is that while other sites can fill the daily quota of articles with facts and figures, we need to figure out a subject that we actually feel strongly about. After all, we know that car guys are an opinionated bunch. Memorable cars are always a love it/hate it affair. How would you continue to talk about a car if you begin the conversation with, "meh... well, I don't really care... it's alright I guess..."

And with that, I'd like to ask for a favor. Get over the decencies and let us have it! We would love to hear from you all and have you all let us know what you think or what you would like us to talk about! A bit of friction can start a fire, isn't that what they say? ;)

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