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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The beginning of our friendship

Looking back, I don’t think I was ever cut out to be a mechanical engineer at all. The relationship between Chin and I in the very beginning was essentially me struggling in all the technical classes and him, along with other friends we made in the M.E. major, trying to help me get by.

In the end, I had to drop out from RIT but I am still so very grateful of my friends who didn’t have to help me, but simply wanted to. Thank you!

This post reveals a bit more of our background and the kind of kids we were and still are. The following sketches were made by our circle of friends when we sat at the back of class lectures, too fed up to care any longer about what the professor had to say.

I know I know, the proportions are off, the wheels are too big, the vanishing point is twisted, blah blah blah! In the end,
I’m sure many of our readers have also made attempts on sketching dream cars of their own. More often than not, it has made us frustrated that it looks not even close to what we had in our mind.

Still though, I look back at these sketches and I smile.


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