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Sunday, November 14, 2010

F1 2010: FPH wrap-up

Did you see this coming?
Congratulations to Formula 1's new world champion, Sebastian Vettel!

A Season's Wrap-up:
R1: Sakhir, Bahrain
Vettel earns pole but Alonso wins, Vettel 4th.

R2: Melbourne, Australia
Vettel's brake failure DNF. Vettel loses again from pole, Button takes it.
R3: Sepang, Malaysia
His luck holds! Vettel wins from pole, Red Bull 1-2.

R4: Shanghai, China
Vettel earns pole, Button wins by tire strategy.
R5: Catalunya, Spain
Sebbie earns his 5th consecutive pole,
teammate Webber wins the top step of the podium.
R6: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Red Bull wins with 1-2

R7: Istanbul, Turkey
Big fat turkey. The Red Bulls crash each other out.
R8: Montreal, Canada
McLaren's f-duct FTdoubleW. Vettel 4th.

R10: Silverstone, Great Britain
Webber, aka "Driver #2", answers after
Vettel takes his front wing for qualifying.
R11: Hockenheim, Germany
"OK. So Fernando is faster than you. Do you understand that message?"
Ferrari's less glamorous 1-2. Vettel takes 3rd.
R12: Hungaroring, Hungary
Sebbie "robbed" of a win by "unfair" drive-through penalty.
R13: Spa Francorchamps
Webber makes a pass on Kubica for 2nd.
Vettel punts the side of Button and finishes 15th.

R15: Marina, Singapore
Yet another McLaren run-in for Vettel. Hamilton comes off the big loser.
Alonso takes another win, Red Bull fills up the remaining podium steps.
R16: Suzuka, Japan
Vettel takes the win!
Kamui Kobayashi screams "Leeroyyyyy Jenkins!" pass Heidfeld.
R17: Yeongam, Korea
Red Bull double DNF.
I still believe that the Korean GP should never have happened.
R18: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Reb Bull wins 1-2 and takes the constructor's title!
Christian Horner, Team Manager, looks rightfully proud.
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Vettel wins the 2010 World Driver's Championship Title
Sip champagne when we thirst-ay!

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