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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ebay Finds: Maserati Indy

In the 70s, Maserati really was a company with a full line-up.  By full line-up, I mean they had a supercar, a budget supercar, a GT, and a sedan.  You could have your Italian sex appeal any way you wanted.  While the Bora, Ghibli, lowly Merak, and Quattroporte are all recognized by the everyday enthusiast, it took me a wiki search to appreciate this Ebay find.

This is the Maserati Indy.  It was built to commemorate the Indianapolis win of Maserati's tipo 116.  Sporting a choice of three V8 engines, this car could put down around 300 horsepower through the rear wheels.  Those numbers in 1970 plus its beautifully proportioned sheet metal gave this car real supercar status.  However, the seating for four made this supercar quite practical as well.  Click the picture below to see the Ebay posting.


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