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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Freak of the Week: Frenchie Fiat

Alain Bublex, anybody? Alain Bublex? No?

According to fr.wikipedia, l’encyclopédie libre, Alain Bublex graduated from the Graduate School of Industrial Design in Paris to later join Renault's design team. Unfortunately, his career did not continue for very long as Bublex says, "I wanted to make cars, they wanted to make a profit."

Where did he turn to? Fiat. But not exactly in the way that you'd expect. FotW #20 features his project from 2002, when Alain created what is perhaps the most bizarre collection of Fiat 126's in the world. Although these cars are all fully operable, these art pieces most likely won't be passing inspections. For example, how does one explain to a mechanic about The humongous propeller hanging off the front?

Some may have noticed Freak of the Week has somehow become Freak of the Bi-monthly. We thank you for your patience, we'll be returning to our regular posting frequency soon!

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