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Saturday, April 7, 2012

NYIAS 2012 Coverage - Day 2


We start with a favorite of mine!
I'm noticing hexagonal Grille treatments on every other car. (It's on the FR-S too)
We are going to see this Mondeo/Fusion dethrone the Camrys, Accords, and Sonatas.
A waste of a cool prop on such a dull car
Spindle grilles are still hexagonal in my book.
Good news! Lexus unveiled the first hybrid ES! Anyway...
Infiniti's luxury electric-vehicle doesn't have a name
It does have six sides and six corners on its grille though.
Mr. Shiro Nakamura, senior vice president and chief creative officer of Nissan-Infiniti. #badass
Bucking the trend, Acura concept rocks a pentagon grille.
*Remember when Lotus announced development of an in-house powerplant for its Esprit?
The Acura NSX Should keep them honest.
2014 Mazda 6 is one fine looking mid-size
Svelte looks and SkyActiv. Will it catch the category sleeping?
More than four decades old, the 1971 Porsche 917 LH Martini
  is probably the most incredible car at the show!
Uh oh. What if the only Lincoln that was interesting at the show is already 70 years old?
Taking the fight to BMW, everything seems to be going right for Cadillac and GM
The Nurburgring-tuned chassis is supposed to create the best handling Cadillac sedan ever.
Unfortunately, it also gave the ATS the most cramped Cadillac interior ever.
This KIA GT concept has got them Lamborghini Aventador-J carbon fiber blades!
So many flavors!
I love me some T-Rex
And now we jump a couple hundreds of thousands of dollars
Proper. We the 1%, baby.
Mulsanne looks terrific in person

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