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Thursday, April 5, 2012

NYIAS 2012 Coverage - Day 1

All killer, no filler!
Kia hamsters are freakishly tall. Must be all that party rockin'.
No matter how many times the FWD Impala
gets a sporty redesign, it'll still be fleet.
Bow wow wow, '6-5 Impala in the mo'fuckin' house.
Suck it, Trebek! Traverse!

Oh look, a fine banker's car. (see right)

Brown Car Appreciation Society: #relevanttoyourinterests

Why so orange? Because M car.
Why so... never mind.

Y u no look behind you?
Stark Approved
Is it just me, or do the rims look enormous?


Ralph Gilles shows off his new baby
As epic as it freaking looks
Now panic and run amok!

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