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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

eBay Finds: A Purist's Porsche

For many enthusiasts, a proper Porsche has its engine in the back right over its drive wheels.  Newer participants in the world of Porsche argue that the best Porsches to drive are the ones with the engine in the middle driving the rear wheels.  Still, others couldn't care less about this and buy Cayennes and Panameras to whisk them about in speedy luxury.  Well today we will settle what is truly the Porsche for the purist.

Long before the 356, there were Porsche tractors.  That's right!  A purist's Porsche is front engined and made for off-roading!  Luckily you can buy one on eBay right now and be able to gloat about it to all your 550 Spyder and Speedster owning friends.  Click here to view the listing with its period correct patina.

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