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Thursday, August 25, 2011

eBay Finds: Not Quite Sane Edition

The avid FPH reader knows that I'm not a huge fan of Porsche.  The brand is held in a place of respect and appreciated more than the current Camry producing mega conglomerate that is Toyota.  Yet, I will never love the marque... unless it's breathed upon by the master tuners at RUF.

For those that don't know, RUF isn't just another tuner company that stamps out cold air intakes and calls it a day.  Their modifications are so extensive that RUF is considered a complete car company in its native Germany.  As an example, their very own supercar, the CTR3, is 911 based but houses its engine midship in a tube frame just like a full on race car.

While the car on eBay isn't the CTR3, it still grabbed my attention harder than Playboy for a high school kid.  Old Porsches are infamous for being bi-polar beasts.  Taking the sphincter-puckering turbo version of that monster and adding the RUF treatment sounds like the right kind of crazy to me.  If you got the cash and plenty of stain resistant underpants, click the picture below and head over to the eBay listing for the 374 horsepower RUF BTR.

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