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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Senna Franchise

Picture this: You are in your mid twenties, a fresh college graduate, and looking forward to starting a career. A career in what? Becoming a pro athlete? Please! You and what odds?

But if you're somehow half decent and earn some recognition in amateur competitions, a scout might discover you and you might get introduced to a team. And, if the team is half decent, they'll stay operational thanks to ever important sponsorships and endorsement funding.

But what if you're really good? I mean Michael Jordan good? The tables turn and it's no longer a matter of putting on sneakers and track jackets with a Nike Swoosh on it like a walking billboard. You'll find your name labelled onto everything Nike sells instead. It makes you immortal. It makes you legendary.

This brings me to Ayrton Senna. What MJ did to promote the NBA franchise was what Senna did for Formula 1. Fifteen years after Senna's untimely death, his name still makes a race fan's neck hair stand on end. This Saturday, I'll be going to the Sunshine Cinema to watch the 5pm showing of the Senna documentary. Feel free to shoot me an email by clicking on my name under the "Contributor" tab if you want to meet up and hang out at the Lotus vintage car show outside the theater. I'll definitely say hello!

In the meantime, enjoy one of the more interesting products to bear Senna's name.


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