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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gettin' Sideways

While perusing the information super highway today, an unusual car/motorcycle/jet fighter thing caught my attention.  Now, usually these types of vehicles are quickly dismissed and never seen again.  The thought of a motorcycle being saddled with hundred of extra performance stifling pounds is a depressing notion while the idea of any joe blow being able to "ride" a three wheeled vehicle that is registered as a motorcycle makes me laugh at their "skill" on the street.  What you're about see is the exception to these rules.  It's primarily a high efficiency commuter car that brings some of the excitement of motorcycling.  With that in mind, this "car" is a great revelation for the typical commuter car buying crowd.  I'd take this over an IQ or Smart any day... any day that I can't ride a proper motorcycle, that is.  Enjoy these videos!

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