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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Announcing The Flappy Paddle Heads Gran Turismo 5 Invitational! [PRIZES TOO, Betch!]

Earlier this month, Danny Chin finally bought a Playstation 3 console. To celebrate Danny Chin's financial irresponsibility (and that of our fellow PS3 owners as well), we're reaching out to our fans in our very first Gran Turismo 5 invitational!

The goal of the event is simple. We love cars, love Flappy Paddle Heads, and love to share our enthusiasm. Although this is the first event, and everything feels a bit like an experiment, we hope that through racing and having a good time, we get an opportunity to thank many of our readers for visiting our blog and supporting us in general. How exactly will we thank you? Race winner of the night will get a sports car, specially prepped by FPH, to add to their virtual garage! Other prizes will be available too and we will continue providing updates in the upcoming days.

The event will be held a month from now, on November 26th, which align perfectly with the last race weekend of the F1 season in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hopefully this will give you guys enough time to respond to us (details below*), as well as enough time for us to work out the details of the event.

One things for certain. You guys better perfect your race craft... because shit just got real.

* Add us on PSN (Playstation Network) with "FPH" written on the body of the request. Find us at:
Danny Choy: capn_chimichanga
Danny Chin: Anduril218
Kyle Swift: ROADWARRIOR721


  1. Shit did just get real, guess I gotta setup the PS3 on the rig. Car? Track?

  2. Time to dust off the ol’ console and the ol’ GT5. I game about as often as I change the oil in my car. So I’m not worried about being rusty, but you should all be very worried that you’re sharing the track with me.