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Monday, November 7, 2011

Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

Halloween weekend I found myself in the middle of a Nor’easter in western Massachusetts.  Luckily, my car was up on its maintenance and handled the snow without a problem.  Looking ahead, we’re approaching the Holiday Season which means a lot of traveling through less than perfect weather conditions.  Here are a few easy things that you can do to ensure your safety on the roads this winter.

Check Tire Pressure -  This is the simplest thing that a driver can do to stay safe.  A properly inflated tire helps with fuel mileage and handling as well as preventing blow-outs.  The correct tire pressure should be listed on a sticker on the frame of the driver’s door.  Make sure to check this monthly if not weekly as tires can drop a pound of pressure every month in addition to every 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Inspect Rubber – As many of us learned in high school chemistry, rubber bands don’t like the cold.  They get hard and brittle and are vulnerable to cracking.  The same holds true for the rubber hoses, belts, and windshield wipers.  Makes sure all are in good order.

Check Battery – Batteries are not know for their cold weather performance and hold less charge as the mercury drops.  Have your battery checked and clean off any corrosion on the terminals while you’re in there.

Stay Well Stocked – Keeping your car well equipped goes a long way even if it’s just for peace of mind.  Make sure you always have a snow brush and scraper, flash light and/or flares, washer fluid/de-icer, shovel, and jumper cables.  For further extreme survival, things like blankets, gloves, and non-perishable food like granola bars can be kept in a survival box.

Spend a Couple Dollars – Keeping a full gas tank will help prevent condensation which means less water that is able to freeze in the lines.  A set of winter tires and wheels offers superior traction than all-season tires.  In extreme climates, a thinner oil will help your car cope with the colder weather.

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