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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flappy Paddle Heads GT5 Invitational UPDATE: Race Lobby & Time Confirmed

In T-Minus 2 weeks, you will be invited to participate in the most sensational GT5 racing event ever! This will be Flappy Paddle Head's first event and we look forward to elbowing other drivers right from turn 1 hosting a fun night of clean racing and good fun to thank our viewers and long supporters.

Our event will be held on November 26th, and will begin on EST 10:00pm until approximately 12:00am midnight. Rather than make the room private and have everyone scrambling to friend me on PSN network in order to join my lounge (although we'll all be BEST of friends by night's end), we will hold our room at the open lobby. Our room will be conveniently named FLAPPY PADDLE HEADS so none of you should have any trouble looking for us.

Till then, let us remind you to check out our last post regarding vehicle restrictions and track selections of the event. Also, keep a look-out for our next update as we will announce the prize for the winner of the night!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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