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Friday, November 4, 2011

Harlem Shakes


Take a step back, and you'll realize that Hip Hop has had quite a long love affair with cars. Pathfinders sitting on Lorenzos, boomin' 1000 jigga-watt sound systems in Flo-Benzies, hydraulic lowrider '64 Impalas, lifted Chevy Caprices, Escalades on Dubs, what have you.

Hell, CarEnvy did a whole Fiesta-VS.-Countryman review in G-speak. I dare anyone to try to write a review in the tongue of any other sort of subculture. Punk Rockers from Liverpool? Please, it just isn't the same.

But let's face it. To us, an Olds Cutlass on spinners is a subject of ridicule. We hate Dubs. Tweeters and Subwoofers are tossed in the name of adding lightness. Hip Hop and whatever the mainstream media enjoys putting on display doesn't represent us. Real car enthusiasts never TiVo "Pimp My Ride." We're not even disappointed because we expect it all to have little-to-no contribution anyway.

But we're wrong. I am wrong. From Vimeo, I came upon some footage posted by Henry Rojas' of a VRaceWorks' Harlem Meet (yes, that Harlem), chock full of clean JDM tuners from a Civic Si-R fitted with a Garret turbo, rare and tidy Integra Type-R's, S2k's, to even a silver MK IV Toyota Supra and a Nissan GTR. Not a single whistle tip. More than that, the whole event just looks so well organized. The cars are well prepped for photoshoots, the attendees and photographers are all genuinely supportive and respectful to the cars and its owners. I've never been more pleased about being wrong!

TGIF, everybody!


  1. i LOVE that spot up by 125th -- one of my most favorite spots in the city, ever. wow, it has changed in the past several years.

  2. Hey MCB, I'm not familiar with that area, to be honest. When was the last time you've gone? What's there to do at 125th?

  3. oh, it's been awhile. 2007 i think? honestly, there was nothing there at the time -- a fairway market, maybe a couple of restaurants. but the viaduct (the elevated highway -- henry hudson parkway runs overhead) is incredibly atmospheric.. check it:

  4. couple more. from an architecture and landmark perspective, it's up there with other nyc icons like the chrysler buidling and brooklyn bridge, IMO (if not as well-known).