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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kidding Around

Around my neck of the woods, the atmosphere of the holidays is slowly creeping in.  The leaves have already changed from their lively greens to their vibrant reds and yellows.  Chilled air revitalizes and energizes with the first step outside.  Pumpkin spice is the flavor of choice for everything from muffins to coffee.  And parents everywhere are worrying about that perfect gift for their children.  Hit the jump for FPH's thoughts on what should be under the tree on Christmas morning...

First and foremost, every young driver should have a Fisher Price Cozy Coupe.  It's the most bought coupe in the history of the automobile.  The car has been around forever and parts are plentiful.  Alll joking aside, my three year old nephew loves this thing.  He could spend hours cruising and listening to tunes.  It's even got a place for his favorite Teddy in the open trunk area!

While the Cozy Coupe would be great for warmer climates, it would have to be garaged up here in the northeast until the spring.  Luckily, a budding racer can still work his craft with a race car bed!  Make sure to get a set of those one-piece pajamas... just like a fire suit.

Next is something near and dear to me.  I always wanted a Power Wheels but it just wasn't feasible for a kid growing up in the city.  For those parents living in the suburbs, don't say I didn't warn you.  If you're child wants one of these, they'll never forget if they didn't get one!

Plus, with a bit of technical know-how, you can mod it into a big boy toy later.

Every racer knows (it's not whether you win by an inch or a mile...) that along with the ability to drive must come the ability to set up a car.  That's where Legos come in!  Okay, Legos won't really help you set up a car but they will help create systematic problem solving thinking which is half of what setting up a car is.

With all the basics down, it's time to move into real physics with driving simulators.  The choice between Forza and Gran Turismo comes down the preference.  Both are visually stunning and offer too many cars to count with real world physics.  I've owned every Forza except the latest and the last two Gran Turismo.  I chose to buy a PS3 for Gran Turismo because of the steering wheel options.  PS3 accepts Logitech wheels which are the best bang for the buck in this arena.  Another small point is that FPH races on the Playstation Network.  Hope to see you there on Saturday!

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