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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ebay Finds - Are You Torquing to Me (or not)

Like many petrol heads, the writers of FPH constantly click through page after page of listings on Ebay and dream about the possibilities.  Previous posts have shown things like crazily lusted after race homologations, rare European exotica, and high dollar custom builds.  Today, I decided to get back to my routes and looked for some (relatively) inexpensive Japanese performance.

2001Acura Integra Type R
Do you like high-revving, screamer motors bolted to a matching lightweight, agile chassis?

Here's a 2001 Acura Integra Type R with about 71,000 miles on the clock.  The owner seems to have taken good care of this limited edition car and it shows.  This is one of the cleanest examples the I've seen on Ebay and it's a low mileage car too.  All the modifications are performance oriented and are simple bolt-on affairs except for the MSD ignition.  The price seems to be a bit high considering says it's worth about seven grand.  The low mileage, upgrades, and sentimental value are probably affecting the seller's pricing.  If you're as crazy as I was about these in highschool, the listing can be found here.

1996 Nissan Skyline GTR
Godzilla crossed the Pacific!

Yes, it's true.  There's a Skyline GTR on sale in America!  This is a '96 and is listed with a Buy It Now of $40,000.  That is very low for what these cars can fetch especially considering the extensive modifications.  Interior, exterior, and engine bay have all been modded in one way or another.  I am not a huge fan of buying pre-personalized cars because it doesn't reflect my personal tastes.  All the same, this car will make somebody's dream come true.  Check it out here.


  1. i'd totally hit the integra type r, though i'd be paranoid about actually owning one. let's hope whoever buys it has private garage parking, lest we end up with one less example on the road! and even that's no guarantee.

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