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Monday, January 3, 2011

Year 2010: FPH wrap-up

As we welcome a new year, FPH takes a step back to reflect on a tumultuous 2010. Courtesy of Autoblog, FPH presents to you an extensive time line of 2010.

December 30, 2009 : Toyota leads automakers for the highest number of recalled vehicles

January 11, 2010: Ford sweep North American Car & Truck of the Year
January 25, 2010: General Motors appoints Ed Whitacre as new CEO
January 26, 2010: GM sells SAAB to Swedish company, Spyker
                                -Toyota halts sales of select models, pedal recall becomes global

February 3, 2010: Toyota admits Prius had a braking problem. (Not unintended
                                acceleration) Dealers remain open for extended hours.
February 11, 2010: Ralph Gilles, Dodge CEO and Chrysler Group design head, announces
                                the FIAT 500 of North America, to be sold by the end of 2010
February 17, 2010: Three employees of Tesla Motors are killed in a plane crash at Palo Alto

March 6, 2010: First spy shots of the monster Cadillac CTS-V Wagon
 March 9, 2010: Things go from bad to worse for Toyota Motor Company
March 12, 2010: Ford Interceptor replacement announced. Will be based on the Taurus platform
March 25, 2010: Mercedes Benz announces full-hybrid next gen S-Class (sans AMG variant)
March 28, 2010: Ford completes sale of Volvo to Chinese automaker, Geely, for $1.8 Billion

April 1, 2010: New Federal CAFE standards sets bar at 34.1 MPG by year 2016
April 2, 2010: USF1, Formula 1 team hopeful, closes doors for good.
April 13, 2010: Lexus GX460 receives Consumer Report's  "Do Not Buy." Toyota suspends the
                          sale of said model.
April 27, 2010: Ford earns $2.1 Billion profit for Q1

May 20, 2010: Tesla to partner with Toyota on further electric vehicle development
May 28, 2010: Tata Motors greenlights Jaguar F-Type sports car

June 2, 2010: Ford ends the Mercury brand to expand Lincoln line-up
June 5, 2010: Valentino Rossi suffers a highside during Mugello practice, later losing
                         championship battle to teammate Jorge Lorenzo

June 23, 2010: Hiromu Naruse, Chief Test Driver for Toyota, is killed in a traffic
                           accident on Highway 419, near the Nurburgring circuit. Naruse has 
                           been a part of Toyota since 1963.
June 28, 2010: Gordon Murray's T.25 city car is revealed

July 4, 2010: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport sets a new land speed record at 267.81 mph
July 26, 2010: Audi introduces the A7
July 27, 2010: MSRP confirmed, $41,000 for the 2011 Chevy Volt electric vehicle
July 28, 2010: Porsche approves the 918 hybrid sports car for production

August 6,2010: Harley Davidson sells MV Agusta to Claudio Castiglioni
August 15, 2010: Ducati confirms signing Valentino Rossi
                               -California 200 kills eight
August 18, 2010: GM files for IPO

September 5, 2010: SSC unveils Ultimate Aero II
September 14, 2010: Audi TT RS gets the green-light for North American sale after
                                      Facebook petition
September 15, 2010: Fiskar unveils their factory built Karma
October 2, 2010: 2010 Paris Motor Show
October 3, 2010: Uwe Gemballa, owner of a German Porsche tuning company, is found
                               murdered in South Africa
October 10, 2010: Toyota FT-86 to be rebadged as  a Scion. Starting at $25,000.
October 13, 2010: Gran Turismo delayed. Again.

November 3, 2010: Ford introduces Rally ready Fiesta R2, customer kit car for the
                                  Fiesta Sport Trophy Championship
November 7, 2010: Jenson Button and Team Sauber attacked during Sao Paulo F1 Weekend
November 11, 2010: Travis Pastrana to try his hand at NASCAR. (Pastrana/Waltrip Race Team)
November 14, 2010: Team Redbull's Sebastian Vettel becomes youngest World Champion
                                    in F1 history

November 18, 2010: First public trading day of GM IPO
November 21, 2010: History Channel airs Top Gear (USA)
November 24, 2010: Gran Turismo 5 is in stores

December 1, 2010: Cracker Barrel announces installation of high speed plug-in EV
                               charging stations at 24 Tennessee restaurants. Nissan's Tennessee
                               plant is responsible for Leaf EV production
December 10, 2010: Formula 1 2011 enacts 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engines
                                     -Audi R18 fully revealed
December 19, 2010: McLaren teams up with CRS Racing to develop in-house MP4-12C GT3
December 21, 2010: Chrysler Motors registers Cuda nameplate
December 31, 2010: BMW Vision EfficientDynamics is caught testing at Abu Dhabi

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