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Monday, January 10, 2011

Why it's important.

The essence of Art has been defended time and again for many years. People will question- does it make money? Is it practical? Is it a consumable? What's the point?

Pablo Picasso drew a piece using muted colors-- a horse's head with a sharp tongue, a bull with horns from a tumor, people lying distorted. Some would say that a 12 year old child could draw with more anatomic precision than him. Others would say that this piece is a desperate cry against the horrors of war, a symbol worth hundreds of millions of dollars... if it ever were for sale.

The same idea goes for motorsports. Why do people do it? Freud believes that racing drivers have a death wish and they'd like nothing more than to die. Team Engineers are just as impractical. They're creating cars that serve no purpose than to help racing drivers on their mission.

But motorsports and art are one and the same. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It pushes the boundaries of what a person can or can't do. It's a part of humanity and they share the same feelings of glory and achievement as anything else.

A "Thank you" to Antti, for creating this video. Please subscribe to his channel here. Those that don't understand only have to see some of his work.

Also, a thank you to my cousin Eric, and more recently my friend Afrina (you better find me an Italian to read the book to me), for encouraging my irrational obsession over the prancing horse.

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