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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Odd Man Out - 2 - Chevrolet Coupe Pickup

Before there was the El Camino there was the coupe pickup. Simply remove the trunk lid and slide in a bed and you've got a truck. Beginning as a business coupe which had a shorter roof length and no back seat (so you can put all the shit you intended to sell in it) there was an optional model where you could also convert it temporarily to a truck. Now there were Utes at the time as well but with this style you could have a car or a truck, how awesome is that? Now I've seen Utes but I have yet to see one of these rare beasts with a bed in all my hot rodding years. It is truly a unique, funky, and cool vehicle. It was ahead of its time and a real odd man out...


  1. I'm digging the concept of this and trying to think of a current car for this to work. I'm not opposed to wagon (especially the CTS-V) for utility but sometimes you just need a coupe.

  2. I don't know if you could make it work on today's coupes, the bottom edge of the trunk lid is so high and the step down into the trunk doesn't really work. Maybe if that lower edge folded down?