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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Odd Man Out - 3 - 1961 Chrysler Imperial

I dub thee king of the fin, ruler of the winged, dictator of the decadent... For me the height of the finned era that began in 1949 with the Cadillac ended in 1961 with the Chrysler Imperial. It is a land yacht of epic proportions with more doo-dads than a swiss army knife. From the head lights that are pods set into a cutout to the squared steering wheel, its just over the top... and I love it. I can just imagine the conversation that lead to the tail lights...
- The designer is doing the final massage on the prototype, in walks the engineer -

E - Uh, that's a sweet three foot fin and all but didn't you forget something?
D - No! Of course not, it's design perfection symbolizing our march into the future!
E - Yes you did, the only future this thing will have is the wrecking yard if you don't put some tail lights on it
D - SHITTTTTTTTTTT, uh run down to Quality Farm and Fleet and pick up some tractor lights, we'll just stick them on there somewhere


D - Perfect! It looks like it was meant to be
E - That looks like absolute shit
D - I'm the designer and I say it's aesthetically pleasing
E - It looks like a tractor light bolted to a fin
D - Shut up...
I would love to cruise in one of these beasts, of course I would need an extra long garage to keep it in but oh well I still want one. The king of fin is another odd man out.

1 comment:

  1. I honestly didn't know that American cars, much less a Chrysler, could be this cool. Like actually cool. The kind of cool that doesn't have an expiration date. Like JFK Jr. cool or James Dean cool.