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Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 New York Motorexpo

Earlier this week, I found some time to swing by Motorexpo, which was held for a week at the World Financial Center. Shame on me, this was only the first year I knew about this event. But I totally made up for it.

Here are the pictures I took during my trip. And please, click on the pictures to enlarge!

Hope everyone's enjoying an awesome weekend!

Obviously, the little girl has never seen a car hanging from the ceiling.
I asked him to give me a smile. He was cheesin' hard!
It was a gorgeous day out! Primo Cinquecento weather!
Challenger SRT8 392 and this cool cat exchange a righteous fist bump
I may or may not have an "attractive people on bicycles" fetish

Norwegian ocean-liner is leaving the harbor
I walked past the black tape. F*cks given? Zero.

Following the arrows will improve your chances of owning a Bimmer 7

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Sinister In Black

I think I dislike everything about this car. Everything.

It's so fluffy!

Southernmost tip of Manhattan Island

Nom nom nom and business

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  1. WTF, I work in the financial district and I didn't know about this!!