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Monday, September 5, 2011

Vincenzo Lancia Rolls In His Grave

The partnership between Fiat and Chrysler was supposed to be a beautiful thing. After a very long absence, Fiat returns to North America making a statement with the blockbuster Fiat 500. In a few months time, we are promised the return of the fabulous Alfa Romeo marque as well.

However, things get ghastly when they're switched around. The new Chrysler 200 convertible, essentially the old Sebring that car enthusiasts love to hate, will soon be sold in Europe as a rebadged Lancia. It's an insult. Whatever the heck happened to the company that was behind the awesome Lancia Stratos long ago?

One word. Tragedy.

1962 Lancia Flavia
A pig's face


  1. Don't worry - the next gen one of these is surely on the way.