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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not To Anywhere. Not For Anything.

"When was the last time you just got up and went for a drive? Not to anywhere, not for anything, just for a drive? See, motorcyclists do it all the time, so why don't human beings?" -- Jeremy Clarkson

Well, not everyone can get their hands on a Black Series AMG. Let's not even talk dollar for dollar. If we're just talking pure sensations, the Yamaha SR500 shown below is already everything Clarkson had described, but amplified by another 100 fold. And really, forget about feeling like a wise crab, you simply won't have time to think or to work stuff out in your own tiny metal shell. Instead, getting on a motorcycle could make you feel more human than ever. Live life and embrace your animal instincts.

If you're digging the video, check out more works from Jay Lossa at Lossa Engineering.

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  1. good find! i enjoyed that. here's one from me: