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Thursday, September 22, 2011

eBay Finds: Speechless Edition

There are very few times in life when a person doesn't break their neck as they watch a Ferrari drive by.  There are even fewer times when a Ferrari Enzo doesn't make your jaw drop.  Well, you are one of the lucky ones 'cause you know Danny Chin.  Head over to eBay and you can find one of the most amazing collections of modern automotive machinery in one place.  If you have the means, head down to where that collection is housed, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and pick from a choice selection of seven figure cars.  Read on to see what else they got.

For a bargain basement price of $1 million, there are many available options like the aforementioned Enzo, a road-legal Mercedes CLK-GTR, or the last Lamborghini Reventon ever made.

If those are too pedestrian, Ferrari's test bed for prototype road car and F1 technology, the 850 horsepower FXX Evolution is available for a handsome $1.5 million.  Yes, a car that is made for the simple joy of driving as fast as possible on a track with no hint of street legality is available to the very rich general public.

Click the pictures to view the auction.

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