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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Have You Hooned a Ford Lately?

This week's Frankfurt Motor Show has given fans of the blue oval reason to cheer with the unveiling of two hot hatches, the Focus ST and Fiesta ST concept.  While these two pocket rockets will satisfy sport compact fans who want to take the fight to the Japanese imports, it seems that Ford has missed an opportunity to bring performance to the segment that is most in need of a shot of adrenaline, the midsize segment.  Yes, the Fusion is a very capable car (just ask Kyle) but its not exactly setting the world on fire.  Read on to see how Ford could have rectified this.

To back up a bit, Ford's concept Fiesta ST, which was unveiled earlier this week in Frankfurt, is an Ecoboost motor equipped version of their smallest runabout.  This little turbo'd terror produces about 175 horsepower and is hunkered down on  revised suspension.  Although the word "concept" is in the name, test mules have been spotted repeatedly track and hot weather testing across the United States.  So, it can be assumed that this concept will make it to production in one form or another.

Additionally, the production version of the long awaited Focus ST was unveiled to the delight of every hot hatch fan around the world.  Sporting 247 Ecoboosted horsepower from its breathed on 2.0 liter four cylinder along with specially tuned ST suspension, the once forgotten Ford Focus has finally found a new formula for fast.

Ford's entry-level segments are more crowded than a Chinese grocery store but that's okay because just like a Chinese grocery store everyone can find something they like, anything from fresh whole fish to those delicious Pocky cookie sticks.  By "fresh whole fish" I mean practical, economical transportation and by "delicious Pocky cookie sticks" I mean turbocharged whistles and apex delight.  What does Ford have for the grownups though?

While there are rumors flying about regarding a halo car, there isn't even one in concept form.  So we'll avoid that topic like a night with Lindsey Lohan.  It may be fun, wild, and crazy but someone will insinuate that cocaine was involved.  That leaves us with the Fusion and Taurus.

We all know the Taurus.  Most of us had friends or family that owned a Taurus.  Yours truly learned how to drive in a Taurus!  Well, it's been back in SHO form for a couple years now.  While on sabbatical it packed on a few pounds but kept up with a pretty good workout regime too.  Its nearly 4400 lbs curb weight is somewhat offset by its 365 horsepower.  Calling it "the poor man's S4" like many people did, is a bit of a stretch though.  However, throwing that drivetrain into the smaller and lighter Fusion would make an S4 killer.

Yes, I propose an all wheel drive twin turbo'd Ford Fusion.  It's not as far fetched as it seems.  For about $29,000 Ford will sell you a Sport trimmed Fusion equipped with a 3.5 liter V6 and all wheel drive.  Looking through Ford's line-up pretty much guarantees that a pair of turbos is available in the stock room.  What would be so hard in developing a car like this?  Why are the baby boomers, uninhibited adults, and gen Y-ers allowed to have all the fun in their Tauruses, Mustangs, and turbo's compacts?  What about the enthusiasts that need something fast, fun, and practical to haul the family?

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