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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Art and Philosophy of Design.

Aston Martin has been a long established leader and benchmark for elegance in design. During's interview with Henrick Fiskar in 2005, Fiskar revealed,
With the Aston Martin V8, I did one sketch and that was basically it-- I knew this was it...
...There should be no changes from a design perspective, because a design that is beautiful is no more expensive to make than an ugly design. There is no excuse for an ugly design.
Five years later, the Aston Martin V8 looks just as beautiful and proportional as it did when it was first unveiled as a prototype. It is truly one of the most successful designs of the decade.

And so, allow us to take the obvious course of action. Enjoy our selection of modern Aston Martin car porn.

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  1. Many people have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I hold Henrik Fisker, Ian Callum, and Count Albrecht von Goertz at the same level.