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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red Bull: Gives You Wings

Sponsorship plays a key role in modern motorsport.  It takes millions of dollars just to put a vehicle on the grid.  Nevermind the extra development costs throughout the season to stay competitive.  Without sponsorship dollars, racing would be a whole lot different and our Sundays would probably be a bit more mundane (or productive).  So we'd like to acknowledge some of the big name sponsors that have given our favorite sport a shot in the arm.

Red Bull is a company that needs no introduction.  Their product has become the Kleenex of the energy drink world.  Instead of needing just an energy drink, people say they need a Red Bull specifically.  In 2004, over $600 million was spent on sponsoring athletes and events.  $100 million alone went into F1 to form the Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso teams.  Add in the two USGP for Motogp, a two car team in Nascar's Sprint Cup Series, the Red Bull Air Race, as well as the huge number of drivers and riders in all forms of motorsport and we've still just scratched the surface of Red Bull's far reaching contribution to racing.


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