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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Opposite Lock - Rants and Raves

This is a bit of a corollary to Kyle's driving etiquette post from a few weeks ago.  While his rant was about people forgetting all those skills that they learned in driver's ed, this one is about Mercedes-Benz deeming those skills superfluous anyways.  If you don't believe me, pause for this commercial break.

I admit that this isn't the commercial that really struck me.  There's a commercial that has a few customer testimonials mixed in with dramatizations of what they're talking about.  Each person starts by saying "I didn't know" and continues with each of their statements like "I was falling asleep at the wheel" or "the person in front of me had stopped short" and "I was drifting into the other lane."  They go on to end with "but my Mercedes did."

This is really scary.  There are people out there who don't know what they are doing when driving a two ton wrecking ball that is electronically limited to 155mph.  And seeing as Mercedes in their infinite wisdom decided on an all automatic transmission line-up, these people could be pulling away from a stop and might not know how hard they're hitting the accelerator or how fast they're going or how many school children they just maimed or how many adorable kittens they just punted.

In conclusion, when you spot a 500+ horsepower Mercedes-Benz E63, run for your freakin life! be very very quiet and let the car do its thing.  You don't want to wake up the driver and have him do something stupid.

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