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Friday, March 11, 2011

Must See Movie Car Chases

As a car guy, there are certain obligatory movies that need to be in the collection. We at FPH have seen our fair share and would like to share our favorites with you.

Gone in 60 Seconds (1974):
Now, you may or may not know that the one with Nick Cage was a remake. The original featured a Mustang that was equivalent to a land yacht, but nonetheless, it is amazing. This chase is at the top for several reasons: 1). It's 45 minutes long, making it the longest car chase in movie history!!! 2). Real people, real drivers. They just decided to take the car onto the public roads and see what happens. 3). No CGI jumps 4). 93 cars were destroyed in filming this chase!

5). Oh BTW, that wreck? Not planned. The pole was hit at 100 mph, and the only concern of the driver/director/producer/stunt-man was if they got that on film

Much better ending

Since this first one was a long one, we'll leave it at this for now. Stay tuned for more carnage in the next installment!!

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