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Sunday, February 6, 2011

F1 2011. All teams. All pictures.

First and foremost, Flappy Paddle Heads wishes Lotus Renault driver Robert Kubica a rapid recovery.  It isn't the first time he's missed some bullets.

If I could be honest, as F1 fans, it's a bit inconsequential to cover the cars of 2011 so early in the year. Take the 2010 season for example, when McLaren created a bit of a commotion as the innovators of the F-duct so early in the season.

... Did they win the Constructors title?

What about when Red Bull was accused of an unfair advantage because of their blown diffuser and was then requested by the FIA to make changes before racing at Monaco?

Did they not win Monaco anyway?

But it's what we do, and unlike other sports where we worry about teams, players, and that Bud Light commercial, premiership motor sports has that extra little "hardware" factor-- Formula 1 being every engineering nerd's wet dream.

Here are the rules and regulations of 2011 in a nutshell:
F-ducts and double diffusers are gone, KERS is back, active spoilers are new, Pirelli is the official tire supplier for the 2011 season of Formula 1.

All photos credit to

Shark fin on the rear wing of the Red Bull RB7
generates both downforce and buzz along pitlane.

A very clear shot of Ferrari F150's new diffuser

New rule for F1. No pre-race spicey chili nachos!!
All jokes aside, can anyone please enlighten me with why
the new models now have flagpoles above the snorkel??
As seen on the Ferrari, Force India, and Lotus Renault.
Lotus Renault's R31 race car has already won in my book.
Kudos to the John Player Special black and gold.
Lotus Renault's new front exit exhaust system
A second picture for a better understanding of its placement
 Mercedes GP W02

McLaren's MP4-26 is easily the most visually extensive
Have they always had that double deck snorkel?

The secret behind their side-pod's design?
There's a concealed laser beam and missile launcher.
A look at Team Sauber's diffuser and active rear wing.
AT&T Williams' sleek and slim engine cover is thanks to their
new transmission, the smallest team Williams developed.

Team Lotus TL11
Wouldn't you say that the other Lotus team's engine
cover almost looks identical to Williams'?

Virgin's new whip. From Marussia, with love.
Sorry, I had to do it.

Here is a Scuderia Toro Rosso.
For the sake of diplomacy, I suppose...

And finally, Team Hispania something something T111 something... something.

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