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Friday, February 25, 2011

"The Ice in My Teeth Keeps the Cristal Cold"

Remember a few years ago when everyone in the rap game had to rock a grill piece to be legit?  The trend caught on for a very short time and you'd see kids buying knock-offs in the mall.  Hell, you'd see some white dudes like this rockin them.

Apparently, the automotive community took things a little too seriously and ended up with this.
Since this...err... face lift, the number of Navigators compared to Escalades seen in the wild has plummeted.  It would make sense if the automakers decided to not follow suit with giant grills.  Well nobody listened...
This is not saying that all these front ends are horrid and will be slow sellers like the Navigator.  The GTR, R8, and Evo are all selling very well for their respective niches.  The problem is that this giant gaping maw is a very uninspired design.  Innovative designers like Chris Bangle and Iam Callum seem to be very few and far between.  Please push the envelope in new and evocative ways, designers!

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