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Friday, February 11, 2011

Why Do We Live?

No words are needed to understand this beautiful video.  Great find, Keqing!

Here is the general synopsis of the ad...

The chain smoking Asian voiceover asks, "Why do we live?" while the camera takes a turn on each of the five grandpas who are sitting at home just waiting for it all to be over. (For the sake of storytelling, we've got Elmer, Daffy, Porky, Bugs, Taz and Wile E.)

Elmer Fudd is in mourning, Daffy is diagnosed with lung cancer, Porky counts his pills, Bugs is deaf (ironic, huh?) but receives a phone call from Taz that Wile E. Coyote has just passed away. "EH???"

The gang meets for a get-together and even leaves a seat to place Wile E.'s picture. The plate of hot food barely touches the table when suddenly BAM! Taz needs to get out and ride! "EH???"

They're 81 years old. One of them is deaf, another is diagnosed with cancer, and the other three have heart disease. They all have arthritis. Yet within six months of physical prep, they set out to do the awesome.

A 2,139 mile journey across Taiwan, from north to south, in 13 days.

The chain smoking voiceover ends with this: Why do we live? To realize our dreams. When the ordinary folk do the extraordinary. yada yada yada "TC Bank."

No words are needed to understand this beautiful video, but the key bit of information you almost missed was that this is, in fact, a true story.


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