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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Le Touquet Enduropale

I found this video last week and thought that it was all very cool but unfortunately, I didn't know what to make of it due to my lack of French proficiency (Bonjour!).

I couldn't understand what I was watching. What on Earth is Le Touquet Enduropale? The opening scene was Dakar-esque but motorcycle-centric. Then it was beginning to look like motocross, except with 10 times the amount of riders tackling the same mound.

Well, it's neither. After some Googling, I found what Hell for Leather had to say about the business:

"Every February, around 1,000 bikes and 500 quads gather to race on a channel beach in Northern France. The 11-mile course is modified with whoops, jumps and chicanes shoveled out of sand, making it unique among endurance events. It’s something of an oddball event, frequently attracting frankenstein machines converted from superbike to enduro in someone’s le garage using le tall suspension and le knobby tires."

Hope everybody is enjoying a good weekend!

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